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Submitted on
February 8, 2011


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COMMISSION are OPEN [english version]

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 8, 2011, 5:28 AM
Commissions Open Stamp by izka197


:bulletgreen: I WILL DO:
Fursonas/Your Characters - Animal - Pokemon - Dragon - Portrait of people - Human - others creatures
Landscape/scenery - Flowers - surreal magic nature - kinda abstract nature  AND any more! :)

:bulletred: I WILL NOT DO:
Anything pornographic - Extreme gore - Anthropologie


1. Contact me by note
2. Note me how many pictures you want, size, shipping information, reference pictures (character reference), and a good description of your desired motive (emotion, colors, concept, atmosfere, etc...). And do not forget to tell me if you have a preference for material I should use. This can be done with gouache, watercolor, acrylic, oil, watercolor pencils, markers copic or mixed. The price may a little change because of the materiel you want (for example: oil is more expensive than watercolor...). Just tell me everything to know to make you feel happy about your commission! :)
3. Payment is sent and ONLY BY PAYPAL. I will give you my Paypal's e-mail.
4.Once the payment has been received I will begin your commission!

:star: Examples of PRICING ON PAPER ~ cold pressed - rough "cloudy effect" - hot pressed - rough :star:

:bulletorange: ACEO Card (6.3 x 8.9 cm) - I  accept only one character by ACEO!

* Head shot : 7
COMMISSION - Baby Fennec by EmbrymandreACEO Layonne by EmbrymandreACEO Lugia by EmbrymandreACEO Black Velvet by Embrymandre

* Full body : 10
ACEO Zuri by Embrymandre

:bulletorange: DIN A6 (10 x 15 cm) - I accept only one character by DIN A6!

* Just a landscape / about nature : 10

* Head shot with simple background : 15/18
Haku - Revival by EmbrymandreRen - You are... by EmbrymandreVaghadeva - The Sun Tiger God by EmbrymandreThe Wave by EmbrymandreIsis - Liberty by EmbrymandreFreegon - The polar Griffon by Embrymandre

:bulletorange: DIN A5 (15 x 20 cm) - Each additional character : 10

* Just a landscape / about nature : 20

* Head shot / portrait with just a simple background or no background : 30/36
Embrymandre - Twilight by EmbrymandreIcefield - Twilight by EmbrymandreScar - Rebellion by Embrymandre

* Half / Full body 
with fast background :41

* Half / Full body + landscape (detailed background) : 46
Cagney - The Water Walker by EmbrymandreEdwin - The Emerald Tiger by EmbrymandreDragonair - Dazzled by Embrymandre

:bulletorange: DIN A4 (20 x 30 OR 21 x 29.7 cm) - Each additional character : 20

* Just a landscape / about nature : 40
Splash by EmbrymandreSoothing by EmbrymandreBit by bit by Embrymandre

* Head shot/ portrait with just a simple background or no background : 60/72
Rage by Embrymandre

* Half/Full body 
with fast background : 81
Raiden Night - Black Thoughts by EmbrymandreSpotty - Memories by Embrymandre

* Half/Full body + landscape (detailed background) : 92
Lilith - Lone wanderer by EmbrymandreSerperior - Bluish Green by EmbrymandreMasquerain - Because of me by Embrymandre
What can I do? by EmbrymandreInaccessible by Embrymandre

:bulletorange: 23 x 31 cm - Each additional character : 24

* Just a landscape / about nature: 48
Expression by EmbrymandreEven if... by EmbrymandreBlood Bath by Embrymandre

* Head shot / portrait with just a simple background or not : 72/86

* Half body/Full body 
with fast background : 96

* half body/Full body + landscape (detailed background) : 109

Zoroark - Tortuous Illusion by EmbrymandreEaster by EmbrymandreRapidash - Alone on the beach by Embrymandre
You do not know who I am by EmbrymandreManipulation by Embrymandre

:bulletorange: DIN A3 (30 x 40 or 29,7 x 42 cm) - Each additional character: 30

* Just a landcape / about nature : 80:
Diamond by EmbrymandreFeeling for ever by Embrymandre

* Landscape / about nature with collage beforehand : 120
Origin by Embrymandre The D-day by Embrymandre

* Head shot/portrait with just a simple background or not : 120/144

* Half body/full body 
with fast background : 162

* Hal body/full body with landscape (detailed background) : 184

Lunar - Your song by EmbrymandreThe sentence by EmbrymandreFalling and Succumbing by EmbrymandreComme un poisson dans l'eau by EmbrymandreHaku - Kill to Survive by Embrymandre
Mystic by EmbrymandreOkami Nuregami - Cradle by EmbrymandreArachne - Middle-earth by Embrymandre:

:bulletorange: 30.5 x 45.5 cm - Each additional character : 35

* Just a landscape / about nature : 93
* Head shot/ portrait with simple background or not : 139/167
* Half/Full body 
with fast background: 133

* Half/Full body with landscape (detailed background): 213

Okami Nuregami - Predator by Embrymandre


:bulletblue: 30 x 30 cm

Just a landscape / about nature : 66
The blood which I made flow by Embrymandre

:bulletblue: 24 x 30 cm

Just a landscape / about nature : 54
A solitary Soul by Embrymandre

:bulletblue: 22 x 33 cm

Just a landscape / about nature : 53
Ill omen by EmbrymandreBefore by Embrymandre

:bulletblue: 24 x 35 cm - Each additional character : 30

* Just a landscape / about nature : 63
Con Te Partiro by Embrymandre

* Half/full body with background : 140 
Highlight by Embrymandre

:bulletblue: 27 x 35 cm

Just a landscape /about nature : 71
Temps by Embrymandre

:bulletblue: 27 x 41 cm

Just a landscape / about nature : 83
Like in a dream by Embrymandre


:bulletyellow: 30 x 30 cm

Just a landscape / about nature : 73
Gates to infinity by EmbrymandreIn a spider's web by Embrymandre

:bulletyellow: 27 x 41 cm

Just a landscape / about nature : 96
The X by Embrymandre

:bulletyellow: 33 x 41 cm -Each additional character : 50

* Just a landscape / about nature : 110
Waltz by Embrymandre

* Half/full body with background : 250
L'effet papillon by Embrymandre

/!The prices may change and vary more if what you want is simple or difficult.
ABOUT DIPTYQUE AND TRIPTYQUE... If you want a dyptique, you have to multiply the price by 2; a triptyque by 3; etc...
If you don't like prices - simply don't buy it.

:bulletpurple: + shippment (& optional insurance) to the pic (depends on the size).
Every paintings will send safe in padded envelope and stabilized against bucklings!

/i Although this is a commission I keep rights to artworks (the copyright).
Remember that artwork which you will receive is done by me, my hands and my imagination. Not you or any other person. You are allowed to use your commission as your avatar, wallpaper, you may crop it, reupload it to your gallery with proper credit and you are allowed to use it in your website layout [with notifing me]. You are NOT allowed to sell it, claim as your own or use it for commercial purposes.


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